Strategies For Intelligent Building Optimization

E360's machine learning-powered rules engine for proactive building automation and operational optimizations.

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Building And Operational Excellence

Intelligent Strategies For More Efficient Buildings And Operations

Sanalife's E360 utilizes logic-based strategies to optimize building efficiency by designing if-then functions based on all data variables. Using predictive machine learning and a rules engine to mitigate unexpected issues proactively, E360 can optimize building performance based on limitless data sources.

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Optimize Building Functions With Logic-Based Strategies

E360 has a user-friendly and logical system designed to create rules that can optimize the efficiency of building operations. You can use all available data variables to create if-then functions that meet the specific needs of your facility.

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Get Alerted For Indoor Environmental Quality Issues

Stay informed about the indoor environmental quality of your building with immediate updates via SMS, email, and in-app notifications. Receive alerts when IAQ monitors detect extended periods of poor air quality or malfunctions in HVAC and ventilation systems.

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Strategize Proactively And For The Unexpected

Utilize E360's predictive machine learning and rules engine to prevent unexpected issues. Receive alerts and take action to address changes in your building's energy consumption, operations, and indoor environmental quality.

Intelligent Controls For Energy Efficiency

Strategize Your Building For Any Data Variable

Optimize the performance of your building based on limitless data sources integrated into E360. Be proactive or respond to unexpected changes in energy consumption and environmental conditions with an ML-powered rules engine.

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Energy Meter Data

Monitor energy meter data, track renewables, alert of energy spikes, and trigger energy consumption reduction.

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Peak Demand & "Time of Usage" (TOU) Rates

Alert energy managers when building is approaching peak demand capacity and trigger energy savings measures.

External Weather Conditions - E360

External Weather Conditions

Track the impact of external weather conditions and trigger building optimizations to reduce energy consumption and improve IAQ.

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Room Occupancy Sensors

Leverage real-time room occupancy data to trigger building controls and systems to reduce energy consumption.

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Indoor Temperature

Use indoor temperature data to trigger heating and cooling system responses and detect potential system failures.

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Humidity Levels

Detect high levels of humidity and trigger actionable responses to reduce humidity levels and potential mold growth.

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Particulate Matter Levels (PM 0.5 - 10)

Monitor levels of particulate matter and trigger notifications, and IAQ correction measures.

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TVOCs Levels

Track TVOCs levels and trigger HVAC ventilation and portable air purifiers to reduce VOCs.

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CO2 Levels

Notify facility managers of high CO2 levels and trigger demand ventilation in the affected areas.

Unified Building Automations

Synchronize Your Building Controls With Operations

Set your facility up for operational excellence and energy efficiency with real-time optimizations that are seamless and adaptable based on daily usage.

Employees Entering The Corporate Office In The Morning - E360

7:45 AM

Employees begin entering the office.

As office spaces and common areas fill with employees, E360 IAQ sensors detect sustained higher-than-normal PM 2.5 levels.

E360 triggers portable air purifiers and HVAC ventilation to turn on for 30 minutes within affected areas to rapidly improve air quality.

HVAC Roof Top Air Handlers On Commercial Building - E360

10:25 AM

Higher than average temperature detected.

E360 thermostats read a sustained 74°F temperature over 45 minutes, 6°F higher than the desired cool setting.

Facility managers are notified via SMS that the HVAC systems in the affected zones may have a potential cooling failure.

Corporate Team Working Together - E360

12:45 PM

Indoor air quality decreases in the office break room.

E360 indoor air quality monitors detect higher-than-normal levels of CO2 and TVOCs over 10 minutes.

To improve IAQ levels, E360 triggers the HVAC system to increase ventilation and turn on portable air purifiers within the room.

Mid Level Management Making A Proposal Presentation - E360

2:15 PM

Building reaches maximum peak demand capacity.

E360 energy meters detect the office building is at 75% peak demand capacity for the day, triggering an SMS alert to facility managers.

To conserve energy, E360 triggers non-essential lights to turn off in all spaces where occupancy sensors detect no occupancy for more than 10 minutes.

Corporate Employees Leaving Office At End of Day - E360

5:30 PM

Employees begin leaving for the day.

As office spaces and common areas begin to clear, E360 occupancy sensors in primary co-working spaces detect the area has remained unoccupied for more than 30 minutes.

To reduce energy consumption, E360 triggers lights to dim and adjusts the HVAC system to be in “away” mode limiting run-time in unoccupied building zones.

Office Building Closing At Sunset - E360

7:25 PM

Office building closes for the night.

With continued no-occupancy detected, E360 triggers to turn off non-security interior lights and activates exterior lights.

HVAC system zones are switched to their scheduled “away” mode temperature thresholds for minimal run-time overnight.

Solar Panels On Commercial Building Roof At Night - E360

8:00 PM

Solar energy generation completes for the day.

E360 energy meters detect building solar energy and renewable storage produced less than normal amounts of energy.

An in-app notification is triggered and sent to facility managers, notifying them of the decreased solar production, and the next workday may exceed the 75% peak demand capacity.

Building Intelligence Solutions

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Sanalife's E360 platform provides scalable energy management and building automation solutions that support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

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E360 Strategies Dashboard on Desktop Computer

What is a rules engine?

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