Energy Management and Monitoring System

With Sanalife's E360 manage your energy consumption, save on operating costs, and reduce energy waste.

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Simplified Energy management

Energy Management Simplified for Healthy, Data-Driven Buildings

Designed to future-proof any facility, our E360 whole-building energy management platform is a scalable solution that can provide energy insights, reporting, and controls to your entire commercial property portfolio.

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Components of E360 Energy Management System Dashboards
Intelligent Controls For Energy Efficiency

Empowering Smarter Decisions and Reducing Energy Waste

Leverage E360’s intelligent energy management platform to transform your buildings into automated, high-performance, sustainable, and energy efficient assets.

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Monitor and Manage Energy Across All Facilities

Our all-in-one E360 platform allows you to monitor and manage energy usage across your portfolio for better visibility and actionable insights.

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Plan, Schedule, and Automate Building Assets

E360 enables complete building asset automation, scheduling, and control by leveraging universal IoT hardware and existing building system integrations through APIs.

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Connect Building IoT Devices and Systems

Connect many supporting IoT devices and systems with E360’s open API, including energy meters, sensors, renewables, and more for high-performance insights.

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ML-Powered Measurement and Verification (M&V)

With machine learning-powered algorithms, verify, monitor, and forecast your energy and demand savings for utility programs at the whole building, system, or equipment level.

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Real-Time Building Optimizations and Strategies

Leverage logic-based strategies to optimize building efficiency by setting if-then functions based on all data variables. Leveraging Facilities360’s rules engine to mitigate unexpected issues proactively and in real-time.

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Advanced Reporting to Increase ROI

Use advanced reporting tools to demonstrate your return on investment. Compare historical data against and variable while simultaneously run analyses to effectively cut costs and maintain operational efficiency.

Energy USage Now In YOur Control

Take Control of Your Energy Usage and Facility Operating Costs

With a E360 building-wide energy management system you can monitor your energy consumption, utility data, and manage building assets with a cloud based platform.

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All-In-One Asset Management Platform

Sanalife’s E360 is a powerful all-in-one platform for real-time insights into your portfolio of assets. It provides a variety of features and capabilities that can help you optimize your business operations, make data-driven decisions, and achieve your sustainability goals.

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Measure Utility Data and Discover Potential Cost-Saving Opportunities

Monitor and compare past usage data and building performance to discover potential cost-saving opportunities. Seamless utility tracking quickly identifies spending discrepancies for prompt and efficient issue resolution.

Take Pride in Your Facility’s Energy Conservation Efforts

Speak with Sanalife’s E360 energy management system and indoor air quality solutions team. Learn how a custom E360 implementation can fit into the operations of your facilities.

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Energy Usage And Efficiency

Optimize Your Energy Usage and Save with E360

Sanalife's E360 energy management system helps save you money by eliminating utility waste while improving your sustainability efforts.

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Manage Energy Bills In Real-Time, and Monitor Demand Usage, “Time-Of-Usage” (TOU) Rates

Use real-time whole-building energy demand data, energy pricing signals, or demand response signals to trigger demand reduction strategies, automate set points, and control changes. Verify and report the resulting demand savings against established baselines.

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Sustainability Reporting for Energy Star, LEED, and WELL Compliance

E360 can support building monitoring, reporting, compliance, and certification for energy savings, GHG performance, carbon dioxide levels, and other indoor air quality parameters, with annual energy and occupant environmental performance reporting.

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Download Our E360 The Prentice School Case Study

Download our E360 case study On The Prentice School to learn how we helped transform the school's operations for better energy and operational efficiency.

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Sustainability Solutions

Get In Touch With An E360 Solutions Energy Management Expert

Sanalife's E360 platform provides scalable energy management and building automation solutions that support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

Fill out our contact form, and one of our E360 experts will reach out shortly to help find the perfect energy management solution for your organization.

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Sanalife E360 Platform

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality, Operating Costs, And Energy Usage With Sanalife's E360

Explore E360 Solutions
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Solutions For All Industries

Healthy And Sustainable Buildings Start With Sanalife E360 Solutions

All organizations face a common challenge: How do you keep your buildings energy efficient, healthy, while optimizing your operations. Sanalife’s E360 provides a solution to help organizations of all types to conserve essential resources, promote sustainability, and increase productivity.

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Healthy Spaces And Sustainable Places

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about the significance of indoor air quality and sustainability and the big impact small lifestyle changes can have on the environment around us.

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