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Icône de gestion de l'énergie - Vert

Monitor and manage your energy consumption to improve efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Icône de purification d'air portable - Sarcelle

Provide 24/7/365 air and surface pathogen protection and verify with real-time IAQ monitoring.

Icône d'automatisation des bâtiments - Orange

Manage your entire building portfolio and assets with a seamless easy to use platform.

Icône d'optimisation des stratégies - Mint

Automate, schedule, and strategize your building assets for improved operational efficiency.

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Energy Monitoring Icon - E360

Gestion de l'énergie

E360 helps you manage your facility's energy efficiently, reduce waste, and achieve your sustainability and energy goals.

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Building Systems API Integrations Icon - E360

Automatisation des bâtiments

Future-proof your facilities with universal IoT hardware and seamless system integration for complete control, trend monitoring, analyses, and automation.

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Indoor Air Quality Icon - E360 & Sanalife

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

E360's IAQ monitoring improves air quality, optimizes HVAC systems, and lowers energy costs. Analyze and monitor building health factors such as; particulate matter, CO2, TVOCs, and more.

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Air & Surface Protection Icon - E360 & Sanalife

24/7/365 Airborne And Surface Pathogen Protection

ActivePure is the only active air quality and surface disinfection technology that continuously works 24/7/365 to protect your Indoor environments against common pathogens and contaminants.

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Building Optimization Icon - E360

Real-Time Building Optimizations And Strategies

E360 uses predictive machine learning and an advanced rules engine to optimize building performance by analyzing all available data sources and proactively addressing issues.

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Measurement & Verification Icon - E360

ML-Powered Measurement And Verification (M&V)

Simplify energy measurement and verification with AI and machine learning. Gain insights, identify correlations, pinpoint unnecessary runtime, and compare your building's performance with data-driven intelligence.

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Healthy And Sustainable Buildings Start With Sanalife E360 Solutions

All organizations face a common challenge: How do you keep your buildings energy efficient, healthy, while optimizing your operations. Sanalife’s E360 provides a solution to help organizations of all types to conserve essential resources, promote sustainability, and increase productivity.

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Healthy Spaces And Sustainable Places

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about the significance of indoor air quality and sustainability and the big impact small lifestyle changes can have on the environment around us.

Nous nous attachons à fournir des solutions avancées de gestion de l'énergie et de qualité de l'air intérieur aux écoles, aux entreprises et aux organisations dans l'ensemble des États-Unis.

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