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Last updated and effective as of: April 25, 2024

1.1 Introduction

The performance requirements set forth below represent InTech's responsibilities with respect to the performance of the InTech Services.

1.2 Operation of InTech Services

InTech shall maintain the E360 monitoring services in proper working order and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to:

a) Operate the InTech application with 99% uptime on a twenty-four-hour/seven-day-a-week basis ("24/7").

b) Minimize any impact from service outages, interruptions, or performance reductions regarding the E360 application.

c) Ensure data from InTech installed equipment onsite is secure and operating correctly through remote monitoring services.

InTech installed equipment will use customer-owned and operated local area networks, including WIFI services. In case outages are identified as network issues, InTech shall alert customers within 12 hours of outages.

1.3 InTech Technical Response Times

InTech Technical Support will respond to customer-authorized personnel within two hours during regular business hours. InTech has two approved methods of communication that are used to create support tickets. 


Call: +1 617-865-2642  

Regular business hours are from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Weekends and Business Holiday hours are 9 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time. 

InTech-submitted support tickets fall into four levels of concern. 

a) Maintenance: Intech will regularly change the E360 application to improve its usability, performance, and security. InTech will identify the work under maintenance that will be included in regular working cycles. InTech's management team, working with its customer base, will manage and control the total customer base's fixes, enhancements, and other improvements. Examples not inclusive of all maintenance issues:

  1. Aesthetics of the E360 application. 
  2. User experiences where workarounds exist but lead to a non-optimal customer experience. 
  3. The customer requests feature enhancements through the executive and account management teams. 
  4. Minor, Major, and Critical issues are defined below. 

b) Minor: Customers have identified specific concerns. These typically involve configuration or variables not realized initially. Data integrity is still accurate based on the InTech E360 application and customer-provided hardware. Examples not inclusive of all minor issues:

  1. Errors in calculations or syntax errors where information is not presented correctly.
  2. The customer provided network issues that were less than one day in length. 
  3. Missing scheduled reports, where information is still available in the application.
  4. Missed E360 application strategies within one day. 
  5. User credential and application configuration issues. 

c) Major: InTech will identify the correct Intech team members, Customer resources, and, if needed, external resources to solve issues. We will respond with a solution within one (1) day. Examples not inclusive of all major issues:

  1. E360 Application log-in issues that have exceeded six hours during regular business hours and twelve hours during non-business hours, weekends, and holidays.
  2. Missing information within the E360 reports and services.
  3. Intermittent or not working InTech provided equipment at customer premises that exceeded 12 hours.
  4. Building Strategies not operating correctly for more than 2 days. 

d) Critical: InTech will immediately stop all regular operating duties to solve the critical problem. InTech aims to identify a solution within 4 hours during regular business hours and twelve hours during non-business hours, weekends, and holidays. We will communicate the status and updates to authorized Customer representatives. Examples not inclusive of all critical issues: 

  1. InTech E360 application service outages causing data not to be collected data from Intech-provided equipment installed at Customer premises exceeding one (1) day.
  2. InTech caused communication issues with Intech-provided equipment on Customer premises (if applicable).
  3. E360 Application third-party cloud hosting outages.
  4. Network and communication outages not owned or controlled by InTech cause delays of longer than 2 days. 

Exceptions: Interruption of Services that are not a result of InTech E360 systems issues are not covered by this agreement.

1.4 Other Maintenance and Repairs.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, In this Agreement, InTech shall have the right to interrupt the InTech Service from time to time to perform maintenance on or upgrade the system for up to 3 hours per calendar month. These maintenance releases are considered normal and shall not be deemed a Service Outage. InTech will provide up to forty-eight (48) hours notice prior to the maintenance window. InTech shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to reduce any impact from such interruption.

1.5 Exceptions

The following events shall not constitute Service Outages or delays for purposes of the provisions hereof: 

a) Any failure of the applicable Carrier or Customer network(s as described in section

b) Regularly scheduled maintenance windows, as described in section (1.3, b, 3)

c) Third-party interruptions outside of InTech's control.

d) Any failure of the customer to transmit or receive messages via the InTech-provided equipment, which failure is determined to have been the result of user error, or any abuse, intentional or unintentional misuse, malfunction, or breakage of the affected Customer user or other party.

e) Any failure of the customer to transmit or receive messages via the InTech-provided equipment, which failure is determined to have been the result of user error, or any abuse, intentional or unintentional misuse, malfunction, or breakage of the affected Subscriber.

f) Any failure of the InTech Service that is the result of an act of God, the public enemy, embargo, governmental act, fire, accident, war, riot, strikes (other than those of employees of InTech or its Affiliates), or other cause of a similar nature that is beyond the control of InTech to prevent or remedy. InTech shall not charge Customer or its Subscribers for any InTech Service use during a failure resulting from the circumstances described in this section.

g) Any failure of the InTech system that is caused by the delay or non-delivery of data originating from a Customer-provided or operated device or system. This type of event is considered out of InTech's control.

1.6 RMA and Spares Inventory

InTech will work with the customer to resolve any Return Material Authorization (RMA) issues, as processed per Section 4.5, which will include regular reviews with the customer. Additionally, InTech will work with customers regarding appropriate spare items and the spare inventory level to help maintain asset availability and minimize service disruption.

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