Sanalife Pure And Clean ActivePure Air Purifier

Pure And Clean
Portable Air Purifier

The compact ActivePure air purifier with advanced multi-stage True HEPA filtration.

ActivePure Technology

Filtration HEPA véritable

Airflow up to 60 CFM

12 to 24 month maintenance

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Sanalife & ActivePure 24/7/365 Air And Surface Pathogen Protection

24/7/365 Air & Surface Pathogen Protection

Sanalife & ActivePure Safety Certifications

Certified by California Air Resources Board
Model - A1040A

Sanalife & ActivePure UL Safety Certifications

Meets UL 2998 & 867 Safety Standards

Powerful Portable Air Purifier

Pure And Clean Our Most Compact 5-Stage Air Purification System

Keep your work or study environment healthy with the Aerus Pure And Clean Air Purifier by Sanalife. Our air purification solutions are efficient, scalable, and can cover entire buildings. Our purifiers utilize both passive air filtration technologies and our patented active air purification technologies to eliminate even the most persistent airborne and surface pathogens.

Explore Our Multi-stage technology
Sanalife Stage 1 Pre Filter Horizontal
Stage 1


The air purifier's pre-filter captures 70% of airborne particles sized 3-10 microns, preventing clogs in the primary filtration system and extending the life of the other filters.

Filtration Contaminants - Dust Mites - Orange

Dust & Dust Mites

Filtration Contaminants - Allergens - Orange


Filtration Contaminants - Human Hair - Orange

Human Hair

Filtration Contaminants - Pet Hair - Orange

Pet Hair

Sanalife Stage 2 Activated Carbon Filter Horizontal
Stage 2

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon filters remove organic, chemical, or gaseous pollutants and eliminate odors from the air. They ensure purified air "smells" clean.

Filtration Contaminants - Volatile Organic Compounds - Green

Composés organiques volatils (COV)

Filtration Contaminants - Gaseous Pollutants - Green

Gaseous Pollutants

Filtration Contaminants - Smoke & Odors - Green

Smoke & Odors

Filtration Contaminants - Formaldehyde - Green


Sanalife Stage 3 True Filter Horizontal
Stage 3

Filtration HEPA véritable

Our True HEPA filters use water-resistant polypropylene fibers for durability and have a 99.97% efficiency rate in reducing airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns, lasting up to 12 months.

Filtration Contaminants - Mold And Fungi - Teal

Viruses & Bacteria

Filtration Contaminants - Mold And Fungi - Teal

Mold Spores

Filtration Contaminants - Particulate Matter - Teal

Particulate Matter

Filtration Contaminants - Allergens - Teal


Sanalife Stage 4 PCO Technology Horizontal
Stage 4

PCO Technology

Photocatalytic Oxidation uses UV and a titanium dioxide catalyst to break down pollutants into harmless molecules, which are then captured by the air purifier's filtration system.

Filtration Contaminants - Viruses & Bacteria - Purple

Viruses & Bacteria

Filtration Contaminants - Microorganisms - Purple


Filtration Contaminants - Volatile Organic Compounds - Purple

Composés organiques volatils (COV)

Filtration Contaminants - Mold And Fungi - Purple

Mold Spores

Sanalife Stage 5 ActivePure Technology Horizontal
Stage 5

ActivePure Technology

ActivePure Technology uses a patented Advanced Photocatalysis to constantly release oxidized molecules and reduce airborne and surface pathogens throughout entire indoor spaces.

Filtration Contaminants - Viruses & Bacteria - Medium Blue

Viruses & Bacteria

Filtration Contaminants - Microorganisms - Medium Blue


Filtration Contaminants - Volatile Organic Compounds - Medium Blue

Composés organiques volatils (COV)

Filtration Contaminants - Mold And Fungi - Medium Blue

Fungi & Mold Spores

Healthy Building Solutions - Teal - E360 & Sanalife

Disinfecting For Air And Surface Protection

The Pure And Clean featuring ActivePure Technology actively seeks out and reduces bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sanalife & ActivePure Pathogen Protection

Reducing Common Airborne Contaminants

Common airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns and VOCs, smoke, and odors are no match for the Aerus Pure And Clean and its HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration.

Customizable Solutions - Teal - E360 & Sanalife

Flexibility With A Portable And Compact Design

The Pure And Clean is portable and compact, requires no installation, and is ready for immediate use. All you have to do is plug the device into the wall and turn it on for better air quality.

Energy Management & Savings - Teal - E360 & Sanalife

Designed With Energy Efficiency In Mind

The Pure And Clean works to save your facility money as a high-quality, low-power usage option. Our Energy Star certification guarantees that the air purifier uses less energy than standard options.

Sanalife & ActivePure Products With Quiet Operation

Quiet 24/7 Operation And Pathogen Protection

The Pure And Clean is designed with noise-sensitive environments in mind. Providing quiet pathogen protection without interfering with office, business, and classroom operations.

Sanalife & ActivePure Products Built To Withstand Time

Built To Withstand Time With Easy Maintenance

The Pure And Clean is built to withstand the test of time and continuous usage in commercial environments with simple annual and 24-month service intervals.


Want To Learn More About ActivePure Technology?

Discover the science behind ActivePure Technology and the incredible abilities of ActivePure air purifiers in minimizing airborne and surface contaminants.

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Indoor Air Quality & Surface Disinfection Optimized

The next evolution of sustainable indoor air quality and surface disinfection technologies is here. ActivePure is the only active air purification technology that continuously works 24/7/365 to protect your Indoor environments against 99.9% of common airborne pathogens and contaminants.

Safety & Efficacy Testing From ActivePure & Sanalife

Backed By Extensive Efficacy And Safety Testing

ActivePure is backed by scientific research conducted in real-world settings, independent laboratories, and peer-reviewed studies.

Healthy Buildings With ActivePure & Sanalife

Scalable Clean Air And Surface Product Solutions

From HVAC Induct to portable air purifiers, ActivePure air quality solutions are scalable by design to support whole-building coverage.

Continues Air & Surface Pathogen Protection

Reduce Sick Leave With Continuous Air And Surface Cleaning

Reduce sick leave by creating healthier indoor environments and reduce the risk of viral transmission in real-time.

ActivePure Circle Protection Window Sticker Logo

Innovative Technology
Validated By Lab Testing

Premium True HEPA Filter: captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.

Activated Carbon Filter: eliminates odors and protects against harmful VOCs and gases.

ActivePure Technology: In extensive independent lab testing, ActivePure has been proven to significantly reduce the following airborne and surface contaminants.

Explore ActivePure
Sanalife Donut Chart Blue 99%

99.98% Reduction of
Surface SARS-CoV-2 Within 7 Hours3

Sanalife Donut Chart Blue 99%

99.96% Reduction of
Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Within 3 Minutes4

Sanalife Donut Chart Blue 91%

91% Reduction of Airborne PM 2.5 Smoke Within 10 Minutes5

Pure And Clean Air Purifier Specifications

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Airflow

Airflow Rate

Up to 60 CFM (4-speed brushless motor)

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Technology


ActivePure Technology, HEPA Filtration & Activated Carbon.

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Energy Efficiency

Energy Usage

Maximum Fan Speed: 43 Watts

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Coverage


Up to 2,000 ft2 (185 m2) dependent on occupant density and setting.1

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Model Numbers

Model Number

Model A1040A
SKU 00746

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Dimension


11.75" H x 9.5" W x 10" D (29.8 cm x 24.1 cm x 25.4 cm)
7.6 lbs (3.45 kg)

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Safety Certifications


UL 2998, 867 and CSA C22.2 No. 250-08 compliant, CARB Certified (Model - A1040A)

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers - Noise Levels

Noise Level

Low Fan Speed: 45 dB(A)
High Fan Speed: 55 dB(A)

Sanalife E360 Platform

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality, Operating Costs, And Energy Usage With Sanalife's E360

Explore E360 Solutions
E360 platform feature pulse infographic - white
ActivePure IAQ SOlutions

Get In Touch With A Sanalife Indoor Air Quality Expert

Sanalife & E360 provides scalable ActivePure indoor air quality solutions that can be combined with advanced IAQ monitoring systems. Our solutions can support every facility, from a single school to an entire commercial office building.

Fill out our contact form, and one of our Sanalife & E360 experts will reach out shortly to help find the perfect indoor air quality solution for your organization.

Sanalife & ActivePure Air Purifiers Beyond Guardian, HVAC Induct, Hydroxyl Blaster
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Better Healthcare With ActivePure

“Keeping patients and team members safe is the top priority for infection prevention and control, and as HAIs in healthcare continue to rise and occur. I am proud to highlight the improvements we made with ActivePure.”

Lori Berthelot, RN, BSN, CIC, Infection Control Supervisor

Ochsner Health, Louisiana, USA

Solutions For All Industries

Healthy And Sustainable Buildings Start With Sanalife E360 Solutions

All organizations face a common challenge: How do you keep your buildings energy efficient, healthy, while optimizing your operations. Sanalife’s E360 provides a solution to help organizations of all types to conserve essential resources, promote sustainability, and increase productivity.

  1. High density commercial settings not to exceed 500 ft2 (46 m2). Recommended maximum coverage in a contiguous space: Assumes 8 foot ceilings. Solutions should be customized based upon a variety of factors including HVAC system capabilities and settings, air flows taking into account walls, air pressure, and doors, ambient air temperatures and humidities, variable density, known VOC concentrations, other layers of protection, and worst case desired outcomes.
  2. ActivePure® does not replace the need to follow CDC guidance and should be used as a complementary technology.
  3. Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure® Technology Unit Testing. Testing was done at MRIGlobal, a 3rd party unaffiliated laboratory with no connection to ActivePure or its affiliates. The reduction percentages were measured incrementally over natural degradation of SARS-CoV-2. Outside of control group - over 99.9% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  4. Results are based on testing conducted at UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch) BSL Level 3 Lab with assistance from BSL Level 4 Lab, complying with FDA protocols in an FDA Certified Laboratory (Unit tested: Aerus Pure & Clean).
  5. Results are based on testing conducted at Danish Technological Institute. Testing was completed with the air purifier installed within a seal 20 m3 room. Experiment was designed to measure the reduction rate during the use of the Aerus Beyond Guardian.

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