Belmont Manor Nursing Home Case Study

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Since the pandemic, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been hard hit with COVID-19 cases and closed to visitors. For almost a year, families nationwide were forced to see their loved ones by video or through a window, as these facilities closed to prevent viral spread. Assisted living facility directors were forced to revise their operational strategies and implement new preventative measures. These facilities have implemented increased testing and PPE protocols and changed clinical practices to protect residents from contracting coronavirus. For healthcare facilities, portable air purification controls are vital to improving indoor air quality and reducing viral transmission. Sanalife has been working closely with medical and assisted living facilities across the nation, providing them with much-needed air purification protection. Belmont Manor, one of Massachusetts’s premier assisted living facilities, contacted Sanalife for an air purification assessment. Stewart Karger, Administrator of Belmont Manor, felt residents needed portable air cleaners to increase airflow for the continued safety of patients and staff.

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